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BREON Telematics brings extensive industry experience to every project, ensuring we deliver relevant, high-value solutions every time.

Emergency Services

Responding to critical incidents safely and effectively requires accurate, timely information regarding the location and nature of the event, as well as the location, type and status of your resources.

Local Government

Local government delivers a wide range of important services to their community through dedicated mobile workforces. The nature of the work means that staff can find themselves working alone in challenging, and sometimes dangerous situations. These are the moments of truth, where an organisation's support processes are put to the test.

Community Health

The delivery of community-based services presents unique challenges for healthcare managers. From coordination of mobile staff across multiple shifts, protecting your staff in remote locations, to providing efficient, quality care with budgets that are always under pressure.


With commodity prices in decline and the unit cost of labour and capital rising, increasing mine productivity is vital to meeting profitability and return on asset targets.


Whether you’re working to a fixed cost, or time and materials, visibility of mobile assets is key to the effective management of projects.

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